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The Banner Sheep Magazine publishes a listing of Official Sheep Registry Associations for many breeds across the United States.

Official Registry Associations (as of March 2021)


All Sheep Buyers & Sellers: Banner Sale Management strongly encourages all sale consignors and potential buyers to keep these pages of names and addresses for future reference. Contact your state Veterinarian Office and be sure that you are in compliance with the necessary regulations to transport your animals.

Sale consignors need to consider their state of origin as well as the state in which the sale is being held. Buyers need to be aware of the requirements to bring the animals from the sale to their home state. Both buyers and sellers need to also consider any states that they will be travelling through.

Banner Sale Management wishes to remind you that we provide the service of bringing buyers and sellers together, but it is you, the consignor, and you, the seller, that are ultimately responsible for knowing and complying with the State Health Regulations for the transport of sheep. All information listed here is correct to the best of our knowledge.

Health Paper Requirements By State (as of March 2021)


The Banner Sheep Magazine publishes a 25 year historical report of registrations and transfers by Official Breed Associations.

Report of Registrations (as of March 2021)

Report of Transfers (as of March 2021)

ROLL CALL (Board of Directors by Breed)

The Banner Sheep Magazine wishes to recognize the leaders of each of the registry associations we work most often with. These leaders offer countless hours of time devoted to promoting and working with their chosen breed of sheep. Unless otherwise indicated, the listed breed secretary performs the registrations and transfers for their association.

Board of Directors by Breed (as of March 2021)


Breed Scholarships Available (as of March 2021)