Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have listed many of the most popular questions that get asked.
If you do not see your question, please contact us at 309-785-5058 and we will be happy to answer it.

What is your mission statement?
"Promoting the Advancement of the Entire Sheep Industry"

What is The Banner Sheep Magazine?
We are the nation's largest all-breeds sheep magazine. Our publication has been in circulation since 1978 under various names. It began as The Suffolk Banner, catering towards Suffolk breeders. After many successful years of publication, we evolved into an all-breeds sheep magazine and changed our publication's name to what it is today. Greg Deakin, the editor and publisher, has been at the helm since day one.

How much is a one-year subscription?
A one-year subscription is only $30. You can get a two-year subscription for only $55, a $5 savings!

Can I get a subscription for more than one year?
Yes, you can subscribe for two-years for $55.

Do you take international currencies?
All fees and invoices must be paid in US Funds, only.

What is a Breeders Directory listing?
Our Breeders Directory lists the contact information for participating sheep breeders across the country. It is published in each issue of the magazine and on our website. Breeders are categorized by state and breed raised. You are allowed to have a very brief description or motto placed with your listing.

How much is a Breeders Directory listing?
$75. Additional listings are $40 each. The price includes a complimentary one-year subscription to The Banner and a free listing on our website! Please have your information ready when you call our office at 309/785-5058. You can also pay for your listing online.

Can I advertise in your magazine?
Yes! We offer reasonable prices for advertising in our publication. See our Advertising page for a complete price list. Our graphics team can be contacted at or by calling 309/785-5058. We will create a customized advertisement that fits your company's needs.

Can I advertise on your website?
Yes, we have several spaces on our website available for advertising. Please contact our web team at or call 309/785-5058. In your message let us know which pages you are interested in advertising on, the requested size of the ad, and how long you would like for the ad to remain online. Web spaces are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis.

What is the process for designing a print ad?
All advertisements for publication in The Banner Sheep Magazine are created by our graphic design team.
The graphic design team will create an ad proof that will be emailed or mailed to the client for approval.
The client will have a set time to respond with any edits to the ad proof before publication.
After the magazine has been sent for publication, changes can no longer be made to the ad for that issue.

Can I design an ad or hire an outside graphic design company?
Yes, although to guarantee the highest quality we recommend that you let our designers create an ad for you.
These ads will not receive any additional discount beyond the 10% pre-pay option discussed below (the cost remains the same as if our designers created the ad).
The graphic design team reserves the right to turn away ads that we find offensive or inappropriate for the reading audience. These ads need to be submitted as PDF files set to the highest resolution possible (preferably 300 dpi CMYK). Banner Publications cannot be held liable for any misprints or the quality of the ad if the ad is sent in by the client.

What is the pre-pay discount for ads?
All ads may receive a pre-paid discount of 10% off the original price (not including any photo charge).
This discount may be taken only if full amount is paid BEFORE the magazine is printed.
This discount applies to ads created by our graphic design team and those created by the client or their chosen graphic design company.

How are online ads assigned?
The Banner Sheep Magazine allows clients to advertise on a select few pre-determined pages on the website. The web design team reserves the right to turn away any ads that we find offensive or inappropriate for the viewing audience. Web ad spaces are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Do you create websites in-house?
Yes, our web designer creates all of our client's websites from scratch. All websites are given a unique design that will help you to stand out of the crowd. Contact our web team at web@bannersheepmagazine, or call 309/785/5058.

Do you have photos available for purchase?
Yes. Photos that we take at the various shows and sales that we attend can be found on our Event Photos page. Photos can be purchased online or by calling our office at 309/785-5058.

How do I enter the sales that you manage?
Click on the Sale Entry tab on our website. All of the necessary forms and information will be available there. You can enter the sale online or print out the forms and send them to us by fax or mail. We do NOT accept entries by phone or email. Please read the instructions carefully as you complete the forms. We will be more than happy to help or to answer any questions. Just call us at 309/785-5058.

Where can I find a list of sales that Banner Sale Management is hosting?
See our Auction Block page.

When will my registration papers from the sales be available from my association?
Please allow 30 days after the conclusion of the show and sale for your registration papers to be mailed.

When will the official sale averages be available?
At least 30 days after the conclusion of the show and sale the averages will be posted on our website.

Can anyone submit a sheep-related event to The Banner Calendar?
As long as it is a sheep-related event, the event can be posted on our printed and online calendar. Calendar listings can be submitted to We reserve the right to refuse listings for any reason.

Where can I find registry association listings and reports of registrations and transfers?
See our Helpful Links page.