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Sale Date Entry Deadline Entry Form Sale Catalog
Ohio & National Dorset Sale, Eaton, OH March 20-21 January 16
Illini Dorset, Illini All-Breeds Spring Sale, Bloomington, IL
(Breeding Stock, Wether Sires & Dams, Club Lambs)
April 3-4 February 13
Maryland Sheep & Wool, Frederick, MD
(Breeding Ewes and Ewe Lambs)
May 1 March 10
Southdown Showcase Sale
Shropshire Showcase Sale
Ohio Hampshire Classic Sale
Ohio Suffolk Sale
Corriedale Showcase Sale
Ohio Natural Colored Showcase Sale
Ohio Cheviot Showcase Sale
Ohio Oxford Showcase Sale
Ohio Dorper Showcase Sale
Ohio Montadale Showcase Sale
Classic Wether Sire & Dam Sale
May 7-9 March 10
Great Lakes All-Breeds Sheep Show & Sale, Wooster, OH
National Tunis Sale
National Border Leicester Sale
National Romney Sale
National Lincoln Sale
All Breeds Welcome!
May 23-24 March 15
Crossroads of the West All-Breeds Sheep Sale, Heber City, UT
(Breeding Stock, Wether Sires & Dams, Club Lambs)
July 17-18 June 1
New York All-Breeds Bred Ewe Sale, Rhinebeck, NY October 16-17 August 21
N.A.I.L.E. Suffolk Sale, Louisville, KY November 14 October 1
Illini Bred Ewe & Ewe Lamb Sale, Bloomington, IL
(Breeding Stock, Wether Sires & Dams)
November 28 October 1

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